Venue Training 101



This workshop focuses on important principles for planning & delivering short on-the-job training sessions for “one on one” or small group situations in hospitality environments.

It is designed to help Team Leaders, Supervisors and Managers increase the prospects of successful outcomes in their venues. Improving individual and team performance is a key focus of this workshop.

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Onsite Training available on request. Please contact the AHA Training Centre on 08 9321 7701 for more information.

The Workshop covers:

  • When a venue should train their own teams?
  • Basic learning principles and various learning styles.
  • Setting the scene for learning.
  • Maximising new media resources.
  • The value of quality questions.
  • The critical function of review and refinement

The program is hospitality specific and recognises the complexities of training in a dynamic environment. It provides techniques, tips and strategies for facilitating high impact training sessions along with the opportunity to explore questions and practice techniques in a safe and supportive situation.

The workshop is a highly interactive session which uses a range of mediums, techniques and resources to practically demonstrate how to get the best possible results with team members back in the venue

“Thank you AHA(WA) for the fantastic Venue Training 101 course our staff attended, and the additional onsite training. We have had a fantastic response. Our team have expressed on numerous occasions that the communication within our team flows more smoothly and during times of pressure the background skills see a much more productive outcome for all the staff.”
Keith Archer, Owner – Chapel’s on Whatley

“Venue Training 101 gave us valuable insight into improved ways to deliver our own training program and how our Management Team could adjust their own personal training styles to suit the many different ways in which people learn. Having the course presented in house meant that we could tailor the program to focus on our own training plans and use relevant venue specific examples. The course was clear and well-presented and a valuable resource for our Managers and Supervisors going forward.”
Louise Sheridan, HR Manager – Settlers Tavern

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