Beermasters training



Discover the secret behind serving a perfect and profitable beer

Attention beer lovers! Come join us at Lion’s cutting-edge facility in Canning Vale for an exciting Beermasters session! Led by the AHA & Lion’s Beer Systems Specialist Team and top industry leaders, this hands-on experience will take you on a journey to explore the world of draught beer quality.


You’ll learn invaluable techniques to elevate your beer systems and service to the next level through immersive sensory training. Don’t miss this opportunity to become a true Beermaster!


The Beermasters Session is suited for:

  • Hospitality Professionals who want to deliver excellent beer quality and understand the how to store, rotate, and serve fresh beer.
  • Brewery Sales and Marketing personnel who want to better understand how to sell the products their breweries produce.
  • Pub, Bar and Restaurant operators who want a complete understanding of their beer systems.
  • Bar managers who want to select the proper glassware, serving temperature, and pouring technique to showcase the unique characteristics of each beer and increase their bar sales.

Skills Covered Include:

Coolroom operations

  • Control of draught stock
  • Use and maintenance of gas propulsion system
  • Cleaning beer dispensing equipment
  • Connecting draught beer kegs
  • Troubleshooting & maintenance of cool room equipment

Preparation for service and after service operations

  • Importance of clean glassware
  • Setting up a bar for service
  • End of service procedures

Service of draught beer

  • Pouring draught beer
  • Troubleshooting problems and faults in beer presentation
  • Glassware styles, maintenance & the impact they can have in bar presentation
  • Sales techniques

Health and safety in the workplace

  • Manual handling techniques
  • Chemical safety
  • Safety factors with the use of gas cylinders
  • Draught beer profiles

What are the benefits of Beermasters Training? ​

The Employer

  • Improved standards of efficiency and professionalism
  • Higher productivity and hence increase profits
  • Reduced accident rates

The Employee

  • Higher levels of skill and self confidence
  • Knowledge about the product you handle
  • Enhance job satisfaction

The Customer

  • Faster and more efficient service
  • Confidence in the industry’s ability to meet their needs
  • Better quality beer