Performance and Misconduct Management



Getting the process right

Unfair dismissal and general protections claims can cost employers significant amounts of money and time. These claims can be amongst the most stressful situations an employer will face.

Many of the claims we see are a result of managers simply not knowing what to do when managing disciplining and dismissing employees.
The AHA’s Industrial Relations team are specialist employment lawyers with over 20 years’ combined experience.

You will learn in this seminar:

  • Strategies to manage misconduct and poor performance
  • How to conduct an investigation to protect your business
  • Steps to implementing fair disciplinary and dismissal processes to minimise the risks of a claim

You will have the opportunity to learn through:

  • Recent case law and principles
  • Real workplace scenarios and case studies
  • Interactive discussion around the tricky situations your business has faced

If you are responsible for supervising, disciplining and terminating staff, this seminar is ideal for you!

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